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Yep, Thursday I turned 23. Here's what went down...
After work, a bunch of guys met me up at the cAb. Friggin Rico and Doug bought me a gigantic fishbowl drink - I paid them back by playing Christmas music and other crappy songs on the jukebox. Then I met Kari for dinner at 801 grand. I was super pumped to eat on the top floor of the Principle building... but apparently you have to be some kind of member or something, because that did not happen - sad. The food was really really good, really expensive, and I really felt like crap after eating my rare steak. Stupid 12 hour digestion process, haha.

After that I met more friends at The Original Fun Bar for Birthday Thursdays. It was a good time - aside from the extreme mellowness and digestion fun. Then I had to call it an early night and bust out at 12:30 to wake up at 5:30 to drive home for my Great Greandma Lee's Funeral. Funerals are weird, I don't like them at all. I really don't like to see dead people - especially people that I know/love. It was nice to share old stories and see family though.

Later I met Richie and Mitch at the pool and then went out with Rich and Ben. The district of Rock Island is pretty funny. It was my first time there... It's fun to see old H.S. mates running around, haha.

So last night Kari's parents took me out to Taki for dinner. It was a LOT of fun and really good. I finally had warm sake. It's different than I expected, but good. Plus, I was able to flip the egg up and catch it on the side of the spatula, w000t.

As for gifts, I got good stuff. Mostly money/gift certificates, which I really really need right now. Plus a couple DVDs, some shirts, etc. And my sister got me a book, wtf?! My mom is all like, "ummm, Bre'anna, when have you ever seen your brother read a book?" haha. Man I love Riverbend Pizza.
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  • you can read?.. wha?..

    On a more serious note, I'm sorry to hear that your great Grandmother passed away. I was thinking, we come from a very different family situation. The grandparents I have that are still around are in their 90's and their youngest children are in their mid 50's. Similar situation with my parents (had me in their early 30's). I never knew my great grandparents.

    You have to explain this egg flipping. Was this at the restaraunt?

    Anyway, happy birthday. Hope 23 is a great year for you.


    Greg posted

  • at the japanese grill, the chef had an egg on his spatula. He threw it up (with the spatula), turned the spatula sideways, then let the egg hit the side of the spatula so that it would cut into the egg. then he let me try it...

    derek posted

  • coolness. Sounds difficult to do.

    Do you always walk into Subway and ask to place your own lettuce?

    Greg posted

  • i used to work for subway.


    derek posted

  • man. your censorship thing cracks me up.

    but yea happy birthday

    you didn't mention my present for you: />

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