v1, v2, and v3 posted

My blog has gone through 4 different designs so far and since I still had all the old designs saved, I decided to upload them. I don't really know why you would ever want to see them... but if you want to see the last 3 blog designs, check out: v1, v2, and v3.

Note that some of the old designs had different sections, i.e. forum, cars, dj, and portfolio. Plus they all had different random pictures that load. Check them out.


  • that's awesome. the memories keep flowing back to me. i wish i would have saved my old designs.

    Kevi posted

  • Oh yea.

    i should make my weblog v4. since v3 debuted in 2001. haha

    Harper Arms posted

  • mine:

    v4 - 11/5/2004

    v3 - 9/22/2003

    v2 - 1/9/2002

    v1 - 7/8/2001

    derek posted

  • damn, I am still on V1. How much is the upgrade?

    r00 posted