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Haha, I'm on the Vox Vodka Website for the podcast at Buzz with Harper. It is so funny, and rules so much, haha. This is from their site:

"A Weekend Out in Chi-Town@ Buzz and Soundbar (Podcast Coming Soon)

This past Saturday, Vox Vodka made a second appearance at Buzz nightclub in Rivernorth. The last time Vox dropped into Buzz, we celebrated the best of Chicago bartenders and entertainers at "Industry Night".

Saturdays bring a different crowd full of both Chicago residents & weekend warriors who come to experience the Chicago nightlife scene. CAUTION weekenders tend to drive the cost of admission up and create very long lines (apparent by the long lines snaking around the buildings and alleys at Buzz to get into the hot party).

Buzz began its night with a private party for bachelorettes and company. The party was in full swing by the time the doors opened to the public with flowing cocktails, hot DJ beats, and Male Go-Go dancers,. Harper Reed was lucky enough to interview a few of the girls who were having a great time, and enjoying Vox.

We also caught up with Derek Brooks and Tag Soloman who were living it up at a VIP table. Derek was in Chicago for the weekend filming a hip hop video and talked with Harper about what he does to get himself sponsored by a shoe company. Be sure to check it out on our podcast!

The night continued as Vox V.I.P.s trailblazed the late-night party scene with a stop to the perennial late-night club Soundbar. Be sure to check back here and keep your ear to the street for future Your Vox, Your Voice events at Soundbar. "

Then this picture is right below it. Hahaha.
<3 Harper
<3 Vox
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  • Derek is easily distracted by shiny objects!!

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