Weekend at Home! posted

So this was the first weekend that I've been home in weeks. It is literally the second time that I've been in Des Moines for a weekend since June, haha. I mean, I've gone to Cornerstone (Illinois), Heritage Days (Mt Vernon), L.A., Denver, Quad Cities twice, Minnesota, and Chicago Twice. The only other weekend I was here was during 515 Alive. wtf.

My plan was to relax, chill, etc. So, Friday night I watched my cousin's soccer game and then went out to dinner for his birthday. Saturday afternoon I went out to Big Creek lake to go boating/fishing with Chuck n Nathan. That was a good time. Then we picked Kari up and all went out. Lots of pool shooting/dancing was taken care of, haha.

Today I spent most of the afternoon installing my exhaust - I'll have more info on that tomorrow... because I'm still not finished, haha. Then at 7:30 I came in to work to finish up this project that I'm a bit behind on. I'm getting a lot done but it's really lame being here right now. I get scared every hour because the lights turn off. I's annoying.

Alright it's 12:36, my project is mostly done, I can't get it up to the DEV server correctly, and I'm ready to go home. Be back in 7.5 hours.
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