Well, Hello Shirley posted

"Ah, come on farva, man! Same team! Same team! What's Thorny gonna say, Rook?!"
-Super Troopers

Ever since I moved to Des Moines, almost every time I drive to Mount Vernon on a Friday, I am behind a cop. And almost every time it's a cop out of its jurisdiction. Later, I found out that there is some place in Johnston or something that trains Officers... so I'm assuming that the cops I follow are all leaving from this training.

So Anyway, today I was driving to Mount Vernon behind 2 cops: the first from Davenport and the second from Muscatine. We were going about 80 mph for a while and then my radar detector started going off. So I hit the brakes and see an Iowa State Trooper on the side. The cop pulls out and I immediately figure that I'm screwed. However, he drives right past me and pulls over the Muscatine cop!

This made me laugh... a lot.
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  • haha.. that's so funny. i wonder if he got a ticket

    Kevin posted

  • haha, I got you good you fucker!

    tanner posted