Zach finally got cool posted

My buddy, Zach Larson, finally got cooler and bought his own domain name. He's also learning some flash stuff, so that's awesome too. Check out his site at Remember, Zach has only been designing websites for a few months, so you're about to witness a very fast learner. Zach also does all his work in notepad already, BOMB!

(p.s. - You may have noticed that this site was messed up for a while and just displayed the date on the top, rather than links n stuff. Well, that's because I accidentaly overwrote the header on my site with the header of a site that I was working on for Lujack's... Stupid me... but it's fixed now. Also, check out
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  • Wow Derek....his site is cooler than yours!!! Maybe you could have him help you with yours :P

    Cool site Zach :)

    Mira posted