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Oh man, what a weekend. I love going to visit buddies - especially Zach on his 22nd birthday. Thursday after work I drove down to WIU (Macomb) to hang out with Zach for the weekend. As soon as I got there Aaron showed up on his way to see his girlfriend, which was a nice surprise. We all went out for a beer and then Turbo continued to Cassie's. After that, Zach and I went back out to the Pace and then played an awesome awesome trick Aaron. He was real mad, but it ruled.

Friday was Zach's birthday. It started out by Kevi calling and saying he was gonna come over - rule. While we waited for him to show up we watched Napoleon Dynamite. Then we decided that Napoleon's advice on girls was pretty legit. So before the night started we picked up some shirts and iron on printing paper and made these. Then we went back out to the Pace with John. It was a lot of fun. All kinds of girls loved our shirts - they totally worked. We danced and danced and danced. Happy Birthday Zach.

Saturday, Kevi had to leave so Zach and I cooked, then we went out to a more chill bar, had a drink and came home early where I fell right asleep and drove back to Iowa in the Morning.

One weird thing: T-Mobile's coverage map shows that Macomb has no cell service anywhere near it. But when I was there I was getting a perfect signal from some network called "311040." Umm.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird.

Now I have to take off again tonight for Kari's grandma's funeral services this week. :(


  • I touched Amy's boob

    Kevi posted

  • I made out with Amy

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  • Luuuuckkkkyyyyy

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  • FYI: 311-040 is an alpha tag for Western Wireless... which is a roaming network that bounces you back to your service provider... It seems to work for all GSM providers. It's available in weird areas... New Mexico, Illinois, etc.

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  • Here I come, New Mexico...

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  • fun weekend. derek DID NOT make out with amy. hahaha.

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  • I am solely dating Nick because he has "Computer Hacking Skills"

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  • that wasn't nick in those pics.... that was me....kevi

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  • Damn, I thought I was dating Nick, guess not. So Kevi, you got computer hacking skills...

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