82 Degrees in This Piece posted

This weekend was pretty laid back, we had people and dogs visit Friday and Saturday night. I worked on the Rebel's Advocate video a bit. I started organizing some storage and found GOLD. I will soon scan what I found and post it. We also grilled out at Doug's, hung out with Nick and Nicole, etc.

Yesterday after we got home from Doug's, our house seemed a little warm. About 82 degrees warm. So I went and checked things out, it seems like the turbine that blows air into the house was broken which caused the A/C to overwork all day. I also learned that I'm supposed to change my furnace filter, hahaha.

So yeah, I slept in the basement last night, luckily our house is under warranty for 10 more days. Stupid houses.

This week should be fun. I get paid, Luke has a show, Pioneer has an outing, I get to paint, I get a ceiling fan with an LCD remote, etc.


  • Man, that is one dirty filter.

    Kevin posted

  • dont forget that you get to make "iowa state blue ribbon" beer this weekend too..

    kari posted

  • Dude you should of known this was my job. you fried shit probably soley on the fact you did not change your filter. do some research get a spaceguard filter once a year change

    Marc posted

  • BTW that "turbine" or inducer motor many names for it..does not blow air into your house look a bit lower there should be a bigger blower. what you saw is for gases to escape for when your heater is on..

    Marc posted

  • sorry for another comment but the cause is for sure your filter look at the ice on you low side line !! LOL

    Marc posted

  • yeah i learned all this yesterday when dude came to fix it. i had valve core leaks so they replaced those and the caps... then i had to get freon added of course.

    derek posted