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My Talon: Finally the End?

My car has been running horribly lately. The engine sounds horrible, it idles bad, etc. I mean, what can I really expect from an engine with 175,000 miles on it. Well... Monday I pulled into the garage, shut the car off, and heard a new *CLUNK* noise. I thought, "great... something else is broken" However, I sort of just brushed it off for the evening. The next morning, I tried to … Read more

Server: Dead

Well, I was trying for a month without blogging, but this is an emergency blog which all began this morning with: rich: so my outlook wont check my dick4d email rich: anymore Rich is a friend of mine whose websiteI host. I'm currently in the process of switching hosting companies from my dedicated box to a mosso account. However, half of my sites are still on the old server, which went … Read more