A good day posted

So far, so good anyway... I went to check my mail and I had 2 package slips. So I went to the campus mail center and got my 2 packages. The first was from a contest that I surprisingly won at monsterskate.com, which included a new set of grindking trucks (which normally cost $50), Rims bearing gaurds, Rocketbolts hardware, a shirt, and some stickers! Me next package was from a company called Heelys. In that package was a pair of grey/blue Grails, which is their newest shoe on the market. In fact it isn't even in most stores yet.

The grails are a mix between a Soap grind shoe, and a standard Heelys shoe. They're incredibly cool looking and I can't wait to try them out tonight. A great new product by Heelys to save the grindshoe industry.


  • you stud you, how did you get hold of the grails? Did you use your high credibility on the soap shoe scene to get a free pair or did you pay like the rest of us? hehe

    dunk posted

  • GOD LOVES YOU DEREK !!! (I havn't yet received my bizo shoes, they should have come the last days...)

    Jim posted

  • yep, i used that to my advantage. i know a guy that is working there and i think that since my site can give them so much publicity, it's benificial for them to hook me up. :)

    derek posted

  • i fear you know what I am going to say already

    aaron posted

  • mag.monsterskate.com...ex.jsp

    derek posted

  • "The grails are a mix between a Soap grind shoe, and a standard Heelys shoe."

    aaron posted

  • I. Want. Grails

    Mart - UKFSW posted