B-days, Interviews, and Friends, Friends, Friends posted

This weekend was supposed to be so chill, but then all of a sudden everything happened. I guess it was still pretty laid back, but a lot of visiting happened. I love visiting.

Friday it was my cousin Gabe's 11th birthday. We met them at the Cheesecake Factory, which was different and better than I had planned. Gabe's pot pie was not small. After dinner, Nick and Nicole came over to hang out. Plus Ben happened to be in town so he hung out also. I wish I was going to the Psychopathic All-stars show this week. The combination of work with living in Iowa kills my roxtar aspirations.

Saturday after marriage counseling I started building a new box to grind on (hehehehehehehe). Then Zach showed up to help me finish. It is such a nice box. Angle iron on one side and 2" coping on the other. Versatility, yeah. After skating for a while we ate sushi, went to Drink, the cAb, and Stix. Drink and Stix both wouldn't let me bring my camera in - it was funny. I made a big deal about it. Chutes and Ladders in Ankeny is just nothing like Mt Vernon... no matter how hard we try.

Sunday we went out to Indianola to try to check out this band for our wedding. They were playing at the Summerset winery... somehow we got lost and ended up at the end of this gravel road at an outdoor shooting range, haha. It was funny. I want to shoot guns again. Later we found the winery and also found immense cheesiness. Then we grilled. I love grilling.

Zach's interview was today - I hope it went well... I'm sure it did. He's applying for a job similar to mine, he's so qualified for it, it's insane.


  • am i qualified?

    Harper Reed posted

  • haha, maybe a little.

    derek posted

  • I dunno, does harper tuck his shirts in?

    cedric posted

  • i like the kabobs that were on the chop sticks.

    zach posted

  • i guess we're all a little qualified

    kevi posted

  • i have little arms. like t-rex

    Harper posted

  • This is off topic but who cares. Congrats in the engagement. "Smack her on the ass and play some Al Green"

    - The Ladies' Man

    Ricky posted