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Sometime after I started at Pioneer, some co-workers and I visited this small (smoke free) bar in Johnston called The cAb. The cAb had this contest that if you put your business card in this bowl you could be drawn for the After Work Club. We all put our cards in, and almost all of us won. This club entitled us to 1 free drink per day for the year of 2004, so we decided, that we would attempt to sample every beer (~70) and rate them.

Since I was a late bloomer in actually enjoying beer, I decided this would be good for me. So we started on our Journey. Sadly, we lost a couple along the way, but Nehru, Nick, and I are still going strong... Nehru and Nick are going a bit stronger than I am though, haha. So here are the combined stats and here are my pictures and comments so far. These pics will be updated as I continue the journey.
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  • dammit, this was such a bad idea...but i guess we get free beer out of the deal, plus i've learned a lot about beer...still

    nick posted

  • Nice to see you get to sample the delights of Newcaste Brown over in the US, but you can't go wrong with a Corona. The lime does it for me :D.

    dunk posted

  • dude. first off you rated corona far lower than it should be, secondly, your average score for corona and dos x is the same. Wtf?

    Also, noticed you haven't tried molson yet. see if you can get molson canadian, which is much better than molson ice.

    Also, see if you can get fattire, kokanie, or red dog. those are all good.

    Greg posted

  • red dog, wtf?

    nick posted

  • nick -- it's not bad. not the best but in my top 15

    greg posted

  • Find Molson XXX, exported from canada. Something like 7%, great brew.

    Mike posted

  • hahaha, sorry greg...i just had red dog on tuesday for my beer adventure, and i didn't enjoy it at helped to have a martini first, though

    nick posted

  • no worries, everyone has their preferences. I'll still take a corona or molson LONG before I take a red dog. But RD is something I will order on occasion.

    On the beer note, I went to a friend's place last night for a traditional japanese dinner (shabu shabu) and had saporo (sp?) for the first time. Not bad, but nothing special in my books

    Greg posted

  • just noticed "roo" has only 1 beer left (Flying Dog Tire Bite). Is he deliberately not trying it, to let the rest of you guys catch up? That's a lot of beer.

    greg posted

  • it looks as if r00 only has 1 left, but we're just inputting them as we drink them. So the beers that no one has tried are not on there yet.

    derek posted

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