Cool Kids Eat Shit

I've been thinking about this for a few years, so nothing directly sparked this blog... I've actually been consciously not writing this blog due to related situations coming up. I didn't want people to think that they sparked it.

So that said, I was just sitting at home and suddenly got a strange urge to rant! hurrah!

Here it is...

Will someone tell me why the hell eating shitty food is cool? Why is a person who orders cottage cheese instead fries suddenly lame? Why are people who order salads or drink diet pop always "on diets?" Moreover, why is being on a diet even a bad thing? Why is enjoying quality, less-fat food uncool?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my fair share of crappy foods every now and again - and I get a good share of calories from beer. But it just boggles my mind that every time someone orders something that is not fried/greasy, they get made fun of. wtf? Where does this come from? Jealousy for someone taking care of themselves? Sometimes that's not even the case. Sometimes people just think that a grilled salmon and beans taste better than a breaded pork tenderloin and buffalo fries. And for that, they are dumb.

Sometimes, I eat things out of the "smaller portions" or "health conscious" sections, why? Not because I'm hell bent on watching my figure - usually these are just better quality and tastier concoctions. And every time I do it, guess what I hear? "What, are you trying to lose weight?" wtf? The healthy stuff really is just better food. When you go to a fancy bistro, how often do you find half a fried chicken on the menu? You don't (at least - I haven't). What you'll find are things similar to what you might find in those "healthy sections" at most restaurants. It's good quality, smaller portions, and you don't feel like a complete slob after eating it.

And what REALLY gets me about all this is that being overweight is also "uncool." So if I'm understanding this correctly we should all eat nasty foods and also be thin - oh and toned.

I guess the cool thing really is just high metabolism?
This really confuses me.

Apparently fat is a delicacy in these parts.

written by 26 year old Derek Brooks

You're absolutely right about everything. In regards to the "smaller" portion menu, most people like to go out to eat and get a lot of food for the money they spend. Most restaurants have smaller healthier portions for the same price as the larger fattier meals.

This whole blog reminded me of a shirt I saw at Epcot in the Coca-Cola store.... it says, "Diet Coke: I drink it for the taste, not 'cuz I have to!"

I actually prefer the taste of diet drinks over regular drinks. Sometimes I get weird looks if I decide to splurge on some shitty food and still order a diet coke.

Kevin posted

yeah, that is interesting - i've thought about the price thing before too... i guess after years of thinking about this whole subject i should've written a better blog.

but yeah, i guess you're basically paying "extra" for the small meal for better taste, and to prevent you from overeating. it really is much easier to eat an entire small meal than only half of a big meal, haha. stupid self control.

it's sort of like paying for a personal trainer. or for liposuction - except liposuction tastes awful.

... i have no idea what i just said.

derek posted

Wouldn't eating liposuction sort of... defeat the purpose of getting it?

Kevin posted

You're hanging out with dudes. Hang around with skinny fashion chicks for a while or something. Cultural norms, bro.

Oh yeah, and fat/butter/etc gives you that "savory" flavor that a bunch of expensive seasonings would at a lot less cost.

mh posted

i'm not talking entirely about myself in this blog, so the bro comment is irrelevant. i've seen plenty of chicks on both sides of this scenario.

a lot of times they are even skinny fashion chicks...

derek posted

Rant on. Did you take that grilled salmon and beans line from the Chili's guiltless menu? It's the shit.

ricky posted

I thought you were talking about the rappers The Cool Kids for a minute. I'm not really a fan but it seemed kind of harsh..

mh posted

You know I agree with you.. stop drinking soda all together. the majority of the food that is made easily available to you is basically made to kill you.

This is a major midwest problem though, people in the midwest are majorly irresponsible when it comes to personal health.

aeon posted

I guess the question I'm really wondering is, who are these cool people that eats crappy food all the time? And who the hell is making fun of you? They sound kind of uncool.

mh posted

Also, I can't speak English to save my life. Argh.

mh posted

mh, stop talking.

derek posted

What derek is saying is that is has become more socially acceptable to eat like a pig than it has to eat food and portions that are actually good for you.

It is a societal observation, not a specific look at any one person or group of people.

Back on subject please...

I think the main problem is the major lack of self esteem and confidence that our populous has anymore. And rather than people trying to do things to better themselves it is easier to just put other people down and pressure them into making the same mistakes. It helps people not feel like such dumbasses for the stupid shit they do if everyone shares in the irresponsibility.

aeon posted

I'm not really sure this has "become" a problem. Overeating has always been cool. Once upon a time, people couldn't afford to do it very often, so a giant pork-filled fried meal was a treat. Somehow, though, food like that has become so affordable that people are having Thanksgiving every day.

I think Derek hit the nail on the head when he said it's much easier to eat an entire small meal than half a big meal. If you think about that in a bigger way, it's easier to buy healthy food when the only thing in the store is fresh produce. Unfortunately, most of the shelf space has Chef Boyardee on it. Getting people to realizing how shitty all this food tastes is really the only way to get them to stop eating it.
alright, i'm gonna do some coke and go find a bridge to jump off...which of you pussies is coming with me?

nick posted

To back up a little, I wasn't trying to say that Derek was personally getting shit from someone in particular, just that I don't understand why it's a "cool" attitude to eat large quantities of greasy food. Some cranky waitress who makes a funny face when you order the salmon is being unprofessional. Friends who assume you're on a "diet" because you don't finish all your food are making value calls that -- like luke said -- are probably rooted in some stupid attitudes.

We're talking about society at large, not what's "cool." When food, especially good food, is in short supply, it's a luxury to "eat well." Because that is what the phrase used to mean, to be able to eat as much as you'd want. Food isn't a luxury any more for most people, it's leisure. And the people who can't afford to spend the time to cook and buy fresh food are the ones who are screwed over by fast food places that traditionally have used the cheapest ways to make things tasty - cook in grease and fat, use lots of artificial flavors.

Just keep ordering and buying the good stuff. I'm usually not the guy to tell you capitalism will work it out, but it helps. More people ordering the good stuff will show the food industry what people want.

mh posted

Of all the things you could rant about on your uber popular site...and THIS is what makes you angry...

I'm gonna eat all kinds of shit. If that makes me cool, even better! It has nothing to do with self-esteem issues or whatever else you people come up with.

ben posted

As most of you know, I love to eat. Anything. Good for me, bad for me, I don't care. My metabolism isn't awesome. I may be on an entirely different realm than some of you. I didn't have great food growing up. We ate our own cattle and had our own produce. Hamburgers, fried potatoes, and general "bad" food was the norm. I'm not an expert in such matters, but I believe generally you have the same eating habits you had growing up or what your parents taught you or fed you. They eat fast food all the time, so will you. Until you make a decision to change. I make fun of Derek for reasons other than eating. Now I'm going to go do the Hollywood diet and do some coke and jump off a bridge with Nick.

Nathan posted

my family grew up entirely meat and potatoes, government cheese and spam... now I am a vegetarian.. go figure.

aeon posted

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