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  • Food - Kari took a bite out of this truffle and said, "mmm, this tastes dark and bitter like my heart"
  • Food - These little cucamelon things were so damned tasty
  • Food - First sushi since Japan
  • Food - Makin an egg
  • Food - The hugest ice cream sandwich
  • Food - What is a pickle dawg?

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Going Gluten Free

A few weeks ago … err actually I guess it was more like 2 months ago (the concept of time has completely broken since I've taken on this crazy job of mine), I decided to try a little experiment in gluten free eating. First let me start off with the gross backstory… For years, I've been prescribed with various medications to make this random rash on my ankles go away. Doctors have told me it's eczema, a fungus, and several other random types of dermatitis. Some of the treatments have helped, but nothing has really made it go away. So I've pretty much just lived with it - as annoying as it may be... read more
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Dos Zen Tattoos

zoinks! So Friday I got 2 more hours of ink on my back. My crown should be completely done in about 1 more session, hurrah! I can't wait to have a finished tattoo. When it's done I should have around 8 hours in it... read more