I am the Cracker, Cheese, Crab, Carb King

I snack. Oh man I snack.

When I lived alone I never had snack food because of this. I made sure that all the food I had were things that only worked for dinner, like microwavable meals, frozen chicken breasts, and salmon. But now that Kari makes sure our groceries are fully stocked it's getting out of hand.

I have always craved a carbohydrate of some sort. Whether it's bread, crackers, or beer, I love it. 90% of the time that craving is Wheat Thins. But sometimes it's Wheat Thins plus a beer, which is a great after-work snack.

Then we started getting string cheese - and who doesn't like string cheese? Beyond carbs, I crave cheese... so now I've got this perfect cracker, cheese, beer snack. It's like heaven.

Then, a couple weeks ago Kari started getting those bags of crab meat, and that stuff just goes down like Jello, haha - gross... but awesome.

So now when I get home from work I basically eat a pre-supper supper, wtf. Anyone else have this snacking fiasco of a problem?

written by 26 year old Derek Brooks

I eat everything I can find while cooking dinner. Its a vicious cycle, I eat cause I'm hungry, I'm hungry so I eat. Crab bags are kind of gross though.


My snacking usually takes place before I got to bed. I know...the worst time to snack out of any of them. It usually consists of shelling some peanuts or pretzels. But, lately, has also included graham crackers with frosting.

At work I have a stash of snack supplies which usually is something like, pretzels, wheat thins (they well went dry on those last week. ) and granola bars.
slim jims at work and oreos. Since I work with youth and the youth room is downstairs, the snax are everywhere! honestly, at home I love smoothies and waffers. mmmm waffers...brb
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