Iowa River Float Number 2

I am an awful blogger. I haven't even talked about having a birthday yet, heh. But first, let's talk about tubing.

Last weekend, Nathan setup our 2nd tubing trip. He set one up for us last year, which was quite a blast. This year we had even more people and it was just as fun - maybe more fun.

Tubing was, of course, chaos. It seemed like there were way more partiers on the river this year. I haven't been to Apple River before, but it seems Rock-n-Row is moving in that direction. I mean, the freakin camp ground employees pulled out a beer bong at noon.

But yeah, during the float we drank this crappy beer we found in town called Beer:30. It came in a 30 pack of course... so we picked up 2, which meant we had Beer:60. So for every beer you grabbed, you had to count down your minute. Beer:57, Beer:43, etc. It was pretty hilarious. Gimme a minute!

This year Nathan and I also had a mission to get on this old steel bridge. After a bit of climbing, scaling, and ivy dodging, we were up there. And once we got up there, everyone loved us. Random dudes floating under the bridge threw us beer, girls showed us boobs, assholes dared us to jump, etc. It was hilarious... we should do that again.

After tubing, Chuck almost got in a fight for humping some lady that was sleeping - or possibly passed out. So we decided it was time for him to take a nap... which turned into him sleeping til the next morning.

The rest of us either napped or played croquet, grilled, and watched a pretty horrible DJ. I wish they would've had a band again this year... that seemed a bit more fun.

Anyway, year 2 was pretty awesome. We camped both nights and were much more prepared this year. None of us even burned - at all.

Here are pics

    written by 27 year old Derek Brooks

    Looks to me like Chuck burned.

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    great post. We're going rafting in awhile.

    oh ya, and your posts are getting thin, come on buddy!!!!
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