August 20, 2008

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I think that I get too much sleep. 1 comment
Iowa River Float Number 2
Iowa River Float Number 2
Starving... and about to throw sproutcore out the window. Aren't frameworks supposed to make things easier? Gettin lunch at the yard.
@kevinswitzer wtf, are yall getting hurricaned? 1 comment
aw crap, we're outta diet coke. drinkin a mello yello that was best by may 18.
I reboot my dell about once a month because it rarely boots all the way into windows. Now is one of those times. Dammit.
Oh right, I forgot. All I have to do is unplug any usb device and it starts up again. Whether that's a keyboard, webcam, or HD. Way t ...
Editing a motorcycle vid for kari's dad.
Ok, got a 25 minute video edited. That was pretty easy. Now comes the nightmare of exporting it. Maybe tomorrow...

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