Josh's Wedding and Minneapolis

So, Josh's wedding was last weekend and I was fortunate enough to be a part of the ceremony. Jeff, Nathan, and I actually all got to stand in it, which is awesome.

The rehearsal was Thursday evening, so Jeff, Iulia, Nathan, and I drove up that morning - straight to Front Street Bar and Grill in Morgan. We each had a couple beers then went over to the church for the rehearsal. Rehearsal was pretty smooth despite the 18 person bridal party - seriously... 18 people.

Then after rehearsing we stocked up at this liquor store across from the casino called The Ditch. We had never been there before - in fact it was brand new, but as we walked in the owner shouts at Nathan, "Hey, I've seen you on the internet!" Turns out the guy plays cribbage with Josh and has been to my website, haha.

So after picking up some Mickey's Grenades, we checked into our room at Jackpot Junction (where Josh and Jolene actually met), and then had some great brats at the rehearsal dinner. Josh gave us all SIGG aluminum water bottles, which rules. I've been eyeballing his lately, but I could never find one around here...

Later, we kidnapped Josh and ran out to Ramsey Falls to have a couple Mickey's Grenades and hang out. It was nice to relax out there. I'd like to go back to those falls in the daytime sometime. They seemed pretty cool, but it was tough to capture a photo with how dark it was.

So after chilling a bit we dropped Josh off for pre-wedding curfew while the rest of us met our girlfriends at Front Street again. It was fun, we broke a table, had a beer at City and Country Tavern, then drove home... and about died. Man, that was rough. Don't speed on loose gravel country roads, kids!

The wedding day started off with photos, and being that they had 18 people in the bridal party, photos were rough. Really rough. But, we got to say lots of weird things like pickles, whiskey, yes, and osmosis. Apparently those things make pictures turn out better.

The actual wedding ceremony was nice and quick. The pastor was good and I think that marriage is fun to watch - especially when it's one of your best buddies.

So, obviously the rest of the night we celebrated. We danced hard, goofed around, drank good, etc. Their reception was really nice - and really big. Congrats to Josh and Jolene!

The day after the wedding a bunch of the Iowa peeps (and Tom) ran over to Minneapolis to party and attend the art festival (which we never did). On the way there we got lost once and Tom got pulled over, but we found a Subway!

Once we got into town we checked into our baller hotel and then swam for a bit. The pool was pretty awesome. It was completely stainless steel and felt really nice to walk on. Way better than regular pools... I should've got a pic of that.

We then pregamed in our room for a bit, had some amazing sushi at Nami, stopped by the Loon, checked out Drink, and finished the night at Gluek's. It was a great time. Short, but definitely fun. Running around cities is such a blast with a posse of friends.

Wedding Pics and Minneapolis Pics.
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