Martial Arts: A good story

A couple month's ago, my friends and I decided that it would be a good idea for Jordan to kick me in the stomach as hard as he could. It didn't seem like a bad idea because my stomach is so incredibly buff and Jordan was in martial arts which means he has good aim. So here's the video... it hurt, but everything went to plan.

Anyway, my buddy, Zach was here last weekend and was wearing my tae kwon do uniform. Since he was wearing it we decided that it was a good time for someone to kick me in the stomach again. Now, Zach hasn't had any martial arts training so I was a little nervous about his aim. Mainly, I didn't want to get kicked in the ribs and I surely didn't want to get kicked in the junk. I told him that he had to practice kicking me lightly in the stomach 20 times, which he did and did well. Then I got out the camera and gave it to Amy (Zach's girlfriend) so she could record it.

Alright, so Zach had practiced kicking me 20 times, the camera was ready and it was time to get kicked. I stood with my stomach flexed while Zach was getting ready to kick me. Then he kicked as hard as he could... COMPLETELY missed my stomach and booted me right in my balls. my stomach shot backwards and I landed right on my knees holding my injured friends.

Then, after all that, I forgot to hit record when I handed the camera to Amy... and she assumed that I did so it's not on tape. Man, that sucked.
holy shit, that's hilarious

tanner posted

derek thinks my cronic swearing will be a problem on an article where him and his friends decided it would be the coolest to kick him on purpose, as hard as they could. man, no one is kicking me if when i come down unless i see some green

greg posted

Greg, just think, if we give you $5 USD, you'll have $10 CND!

tanner posted

Hey Tanner,

and I could use that $10 to buy you a joke book so you and other Americans could stop using that some old tired-out joke :)

Greg posted

no greg, seriously, if we gave you $5 USD, you would have $10 CND!!! isn't that funny!? HAHAHA

derek posted

it's a joke?

Tanner posted

who ever posted as me obiously wants to BE me, and, who can blame him/her?

the real greg m posted

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