Nathan's 30th Birthday

Alright, I've got some blogging to catch up on...

Sooo, 3 Fridays ago, Nathan, Josh, Chuck, Nick, Tobbie, Kari, and I all headed down to KC for Nathan's 30th Birthday. ... I guess Ando and Twee came too - but once we got to KC we saw them for about 36 minutes. And if I remember right, Jeff and Iulia may have been there for about 14 minutes as well.

But anyway, once we got into town we shopped around the plaza, had dinner at Tomfooleries, and finished the night partying it up at Blonde and The Falloon. It was a good time; dancing, drinking, running around, saw JJ and Eboni for a minute, and Chuck even met a girl.

Saturday (Nathan's birthday), we just sorta goofed around all day... hot tubbed for a bit in the morning, got lunch in the plaza, and went to a pool party downtown. Before dinner we smoked cigars and sipped hennessey on the hotel balcony for a bit, then busted out for a great sushi experience at Nara. Nara was a hip place, good drinks, good atmosphere, live dj, and pretty decent sushi.

After Nara we headed to the Power and Light district for more partying. The Power and Light district is sort of a new thing in KC. Basically it's a big courtyard/street party in the center (music, beer vendors, etc) surrounded by hip bars and restaurants. Unfortunately we only made it into 1 of the bars, but I guess now we've reason to go back, heh. ;)

So the bar we did go into, Lucky Strike Lanes was half lounge/martini bar and half fancy bowling alley. It's more expensive than your typical bowling alley, but it was definitely fun. I think it's the type of place you go there to drink, then once you get bored you bowl, ha. I hear we're getting something similar in Des Moines.

And Sunday we of course had some Gate's BBQ before heading back to Des Moines. It was a great time. Nathan's 30, haha.

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