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2 blog entries

Nathan's 30th Birthday

Alright, I've got some blogging to catch up on... Sooo, 3 Fridays ago, Nathan, Josh, Chuck, Nick, Tobbie, Kari, and I all headed down to KC for Nathan's 30th Birthday. ... I guess Ando and Twee came too - but once we got to KC we saw them for about 36 minutes. And if I remember right, Jeff and Iulia may have been there for about 14 minutes as well. But anyway, once we got into town we … Read more
15 years ago

The KC Shuffle

So last weekend, Ando made plans to go to KC for his friend JJ's 30th birthday. Nathan and I got invited - and it was a blast... Maybe too much of a blast. On the way down, Nathan got pulled over for doing 84 in a 70. :( So, we got into town around 8:30, checked into our Sheraton Suite and then had dinner at Tomfoolerie's. After dinner we met up with Ando's friend, Eboni and went to … Read more
15 years ago