Server: Dead

Well, I was trying for a month without blogging, but this is an emergency blog which all began this morning with:

rich: so my outlook wont check my dick4d email
rich: anymore

Rich is a friend of mine whose websiteI host. I'm currently in the process of switching hosting companies from my dedicated box to a mosso account. However, half of my sites are still on the old server, which went down:,,,,,,,,,,,, and truespin-media.

A couple hours, calls, failed reboot attempts, and e-mails later, I get this e-mail: After running hardware tests on your server, your hard drive has failed. I will need to reinstall your server. I will place your hard drive in the retention bin and it will stay there for one (1) week in case you decide to purchase the drive to attempt to recover the data. I will contact you when the reinstall is complete and your server is back online.

So for the curious...

<vanwinkle> why do you have to buy a broken hard drive?
<keith> it's the hosts property, so if you want to buy it and try to recover files, you have to pay for this privelidge
<keith> I wonder what a broken hard drive runs a person
<broox> it runs $90
<broox> plus $35 for overnight shipping

I so don't have time for this. Sorry to my clients and visitors. :-(
What is the name of the company that has so efficiently taken your money?
ironically, the company is called: valueweb

derek posted

dude. this sucks. let me know if you need anything.

harper posted

i don't think it is insane for them to charge you for a bad disk. it is their property. it is weird that they didn't offer any data recovery methods or anything. but whatever... at least you get your disk back.

harper posted

i agree. i'm just glad they offer a buyback option at a not outrageous price.

derek posted

I assume they'll restore your lost data from backups, right?

Mart posted

Nope. That is all on me. That's why I had them ship the hard drive

derek posted

You should backup your server...

#corporate posted

so is this the end of solidgrind, or is it just going to be down for a LONG LONG time? :(
My goal is a week downtime at max.

derek posted

What? They don't keep backups themselves? That's a bit shit... you must be paying pittance for the package you have with them

Mart posted

That sucks, hope the files are still okay and we can get the site going. We'll hold down the Fort. BTW anyone in New York, by Queens, don't forget we have a SOAP demo coming up next month on the 26thish
if by pittance you mean $150 a month, then yeah.

derek posted

Okay, until Derek can get SG back up due to this set-back, keep doing what has to be done for the demo and any other Soap related dealies.

SonicSoaper posted

Don't worry about it, im still on the case.

I still got good ol' to take care of the demo issues
wow, sorry Derek...if there is any data lost (pics, etc.) i actually have most of solidgrind on my HD...the vids,pics etc...


Alex posted

So how is it coming along Derek?
well, apparently by "next day" shipping they meant something like, "we'll ship it in 2 days, then you'll get it the day after that" so i still don't have the HD yet.

derek posted

Hey Derek.

Sorry about the drive biting it. We will miss you for the week or so down time. Let me know if we can help. ---Steve

Steve Deel posted

Thats what i hate about "Next Day" service

We'll ship it the NEXT day....after we feel like processing your payment
ok guys. quick update.

-i got the hard drive this morning.

-i popped it in a PC at work - it booted (woohoo!) but with errors (sad).

-ran fsck on it, which fixed the problems.

-rebooted - booted perfectly.

-checked around for my data, it was all there

-found out the that the HD was COMPLETELY full.

-then found out that mail logs were taking up 53gb on the server

so basically, mail logs killed the server and my host company (valueweb) couldn't it out and told me that my disk is bad.

next step - getting it all back up onto my new webserver. i am busy as hell this weekend, but we'll see what we can do.

derek posted

Thanks Derek, we all know this is a huge pain.
The Soapshoes demo is May 26th people. Mark it on your calendars
Also try to tell anybody you know about the demo. I've been pushing advertising it to almost everyone. East islip is sorta like skater city and a good percentage of the skaters love Soaps one way or another.

SonicSoaper posted

Oh man i'll never make it to NYC since I live in Canada but anyways hope you get Solidgrind back up Derek.

Curtinator posted

yeah, good luck with getting solid grind back up.

Pepsi posted

solidgrind, aylarexroth, truespin-media, and dsmpaintball are back up.

derek posted

Derek, you have to get the notice off first lol
no i don't - it's been off. refresh the page.

derek posted

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