The Poker Juice is Coming

What the flip! I need to write!

Umm, last week we went to Kari's grandma's services, they were sad :( BUT I got to meet Ron Livingston's (from Office Space) mom, haha. Also, last week we finally released my project at work - it's so nice to have that friggin ball of stress out of my life for a while. I also learned about some new projects that will be interesting. One project is to write a proposal to not do the project, haha.

Kevi came up this weekend and told me to revise my articles so he doesn't get in trouble. We hung out mostly. But friday, we organized a last minute poker tournament with Nick, Nehru, Mike Kock, and MH. It was fun - I won the first game and Nick won the second.

Saturday, Kevi and I shot video for Public Juice. We'll have another preview for the film soon, w00t! Then Saturday night we went to Jason's surprise birthday party which Jodi organized. It was pretty fun. Nick and Kevi got a little bored, but Kari had a blast.

Probably the most exciting news was yesterday when I found out about my bonus check. Plus Truespin is pulling in a couple checks. Oh happy day. Soon I will build things! Lots of things! And fix my car!

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I'm rich, beotch!
I hate my job. Stupid no bonus makes Kevi somethin' somethin'...

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kevi hates articles that are funny...

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I like digital b00bies...

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what about digital goatse?

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