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2 blog entries

The Poker Juice is Coming

What the flip! I need to write! Umm, last week we went to Kari's grandma's services, they were sad :( BUT I got to meet Ron Livingston's (from Office Space) mom, haha. Also, last week we finally released my project at work - it's so nice to have that friggin ball of stress out of my life for a while. I also learned about some new projects that will be interesting. One project is to write … Read more

Poker, Wedding, etc.

Eh, so I guess I should write something on my site. The weekend was decent... Friday night was another 9 player no-limit hold 'em tournament at Nehru's. I took 2nd place in the first game, got out early in the second, and took 4th place in the third. Nehru's garage makes me jealous... 3 car garage, refrigerator, 2004 M3, 2002 Prowler, etc. Saturday I had to drive to Mount Vernon for Casey … Read more