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Holy day. This AM I had to wake up early to take my car to the shop to get looked at. It has been idling really weird and cutting out. After talking to a few people I came to the conclusion that it was the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAFS). The shop called at 10 this morning and told me I was right. Then they told me that there were 3 problems.
1. They would have to order it from Mitsubishi/Eagle.
2. The part would take 2 weeks to arrive.
3. The part costs $680.

This is lame news... Jon, my mechanic, said that I should find one online or something and install it myself to save about $600. I agreed and went to pick my car... because it was time to go to the icubs game that Pioneer paid for today, w00t.

When I was leaving the shop I got behind this state cop right at a 4 way stop. The cop was going straight, which is what I planned to do. However, I thought... maybe I should turn right here because he will probably pull me over (my luck). I went straight, he pulled off the side of the road, let me pass, and pulled me over. The weird thing is that this has happened a couple times before. I think that Iowa State Troopers have a routine that they follow which I'm sure is not legal.

First the cop pulls me over for not having a front license plate. This is legit. I should have one (even though that is a lame law and probably a significant tax cost). So I tell him that I need to get a bracket for the plate due to my non-stock bumper. He let's that slide but tells me I wasn't wearing my seatbelt. This was a blatant lie. I told him that I had it on so he let that slide. THEN he made me roll up my window (both were down) so that he could test the tinting. He had no reason to believe that they were tinted, he simply wanted to write me a ticket since he had me pulled over. So I roll it up, thinking that I was legal because my front tinting was the lightest available. It turns out my tint is not legal. He writes me a ticket.

Now the weird part. 4 years ago a similar thing happened while riding with a friend (Joe Wallace). An Iowa State Trooper pulled us over because his front license plate was not on. Joe's truck was crappy and the bracket had broken off or something. He showed the cop his busted up plate so he let it slide. However then the officer accused him of not wearing a seatbelt. Joe said that he had it on and I backed him up. So we got let go. A couple years later, I got pulled over by another state trooper for not having a front plate. I had just gotten my body kit put on my car and didn't want a plate. So he pulls me over, I tell him I need to get a bracket, and he let's it go. Then he said that it looked like I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I ensured him that I was and he let it go. After that he said, "Well I'm going to go ahead and have to write you up for these tinted windows." He didn't even have a meter to judge them but claimed that any tinting on the front windows is illegal. The cop today said that they make 70% tint which IS legal.

A few things to note here.
1. It seems as though Iowa State Troopers are on some sort of system to guarantee a ticket for nearly every stop.
2. Iowa state troopers are unsure of the tinting laws.
3. Iowa state troopers have nothing to do.

Anyway, the icubs game was fun. A lot better than working. And I saw Maria Rogge there.
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  • Derek,

    Tickets are stupid. You should have gone with your instinct and turned right.

    I believe that your observation that Iowa State troopers have nothing to do other than writing tickets.

    And wow! You saw Maria? That's awesome! How is she?

    Well, I'm off to bed now!



    Kevin posted

  • kevin,

    i'm totally turning into email.



    derek posted

  • derek,

    i think you should. email is such an effective means of communication!



    Kevin posted

  • oh, if you listen to that mp3 you'll notice he says that my left brake light is out. when i got home i checked it and it works perfectly.

    i also forgot to mention that the officer forgot to give me my license back. he had to chase me down and find me at this gas station so he could give it back to me. this cop was not bright.

    derek posted

  • What a lame trooper...he totally just wanted to meet his ticket quota. Plus your front windows don't look tinted from far away. lame lame lame

    r00 posted

  • Do you guys have speed cameras over there? Aside from the ?60+ fine ($100), two strikes on one of those things within your first 2 year period and you'll loose your liscence over here.

    Also, how the hell did you manage to capture that audio?

    dunk posted

  • />


    Greg posted

  • I haven't seen any speed cameras. There are rumors about them, but definitely not in this area. I'm not sure what the law is in iowa for tickets/year. In Illinois if you got 2 before you were 21 or something you lost your license.

    I got the audio from my Sony Clie. I love the built in mic on it... so discreet.

    derek posted

  • Seeing that is now the new email:

    Hi Derek,

    Alberta has had speed cameras for years. Cops use them as cashcows, and you've got to be doing something *really* bad to get pulled over.

    The thing is, in western Canada, you can get as many photo tickets as you like. Too many people would fight the ticket (ie. lent a car to a friend, spouse, offspring, etc.). As a result, whoever the car is registered under, receives the ticket in the mail.

    It always surprised me that the US doesn't really use this system, as it was an American technology. Anyway, it's funny to be driving at night and see a bright flash in your peripheral. ALL the cars (and I mean all of them) going in both directions will automatically slow down unanimously



    Greg posted

  • Fuck state troopers in their tiny donut holes.

    Xae Turner-Ford posted

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