Cornerstone 2004 - finished posted

rule. ok, so Cornerstone is done, and I am happy. I got to see a couple more shows since my post yesterday. And now that I have all my pictures consolidated. I changed the pictures of Zach and I.

Saturday I saw...
-Further Seems Forever - They're sort of pop rock, but not good. I mean, the band had some talent and sounded decent, but their lead singer (who I guess is new) sucked. There was this dude standing by us that sang way better than him. It was funny. But the lady in front of him didn't like him (note picture).
-Blindside - Man, I really love Blindside. Christian Lindskog rules so much. It was sad that he had a corded mic because he couldn't come all the way out to the end of the cat walk (where Zach and I were standing).
-P.O.D. - They were a lot better than I expected. Seriously, they were awesome... and had a pretty big crowd. Sonny Sandoval slapped my hand on one of his trips down the catwalk.
-Demon Hunter - Really good, really hard metal. Sort of reminded me of Pantera on stage, but the CD is not really like Pantera, Ryan Clark has such a dope voice.

So yeah, this year was really fun. I got to see 15 shows, I got to hang out with Zach and Amy, and I got to buy some more merch: shirts, CDs, and a DVD. I even got my Demon Hunter CD signed, ha. When we weren't watching shows, we talked with our Canadian punk neighbors, played hacky sack, listened to our other neighbor play funny songs, swam, etc.

We also decided that next year we need to bring a big Tarp, igloo water cooler, a grill, SPF 45, rope, more tiki torches, more stakes, a camper, kevi, camping cookbook, and more chairs. Plus we should get tans prior to the week so that we don't burn again.
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