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Man, this was a long day. Kari and I got into Dallas at 11, then met Maddie for lunch. We checked out BJs brewery then toured the HSL offices. It was pretty awesome. I was like a kid in a candy store. I got to see a couple prototypes for new shoes. One is really dope. The other is in the super early stages, so it was pretty funny. I can't really say anything about it... But if it gets invented I will laugh. Roger (the inventor of this prototype - and Heelys) rules. He's in the guinness book for being the youngest person to rollerskate, haha. Like 8 months old or something.

Anyway, there are huge heelys and soap posters everywhere, plus the entire place has hard floors so people can heel around. It was nice to finally meet everyone I talk to. Maddie was awesome.

For dinner kari took me to III Forks. It was funny. I walked up in jeans and my shirt untucked to find a sign that said "proper attire required." I mean this was a classy place - Ferarris in the parking lot, live piano/singing, 800 wines, tuxes, suits and ties everywhere. I think they only let me in because kari looked nice... That or because it's texas and the restaurant used saddles in part of their decor. I may be a yuppie, but I'm not dressing like one. Anyway, great great food. I'll eat here for sure the next time I'm in Dallas.

Later we checked out deep ellum. It looked pretty dope on their web site but it was way different. It was sort of ghetto, but had great potential. Everything was pretty dead except for the all ages punk bar and hip hop bar. If you dropped these few blocks into chicago they would be crazy packed. There are not enough hipsters in deep ellum on thursday night. So first we went to Art Bar which was dope - but no one was there. They were spinning vinyl, had art on the walls, etc.

After art bar we tried to find a good texas "townie" bar, which we did at angry dog. It smelled of stale cigars, so I sipped a glenfiddich.

Then we ended the night at Nairobi. When We walked past this bar called Nairobi, where we heard hip hop playing... so we went in. Kari and I were literally the only 2 white people. It was awesome though. Good music playing... But being the only white guy kari said I wasn't allowed to dance, haha.

So yeah, that was Dallas.


  • you are such a yuppie, its pathetic

    nick posted

  • you aren't a yuppie.

    blah posted

  • I miss going to Yuppieville, ah, I mean Dallas. I wonder if you saw any Cowboys at III Forks.

    r00 posted