domicile'd posted

Yesterday I put an offer on this house... and they accepted. I move in at the end of September.

-2,000 sqft total
--1,300 sqft main level
--700 finished sqft walkout basement
-loft office
-fenced back yard
-only 5 years old
-wood floors

Guess I have to film a new cribs episode soon.
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  • congrats, man...don't forget your friends in west des moines when you are bored in ankeny...

    nick posted

  • Congrats. Welcome to the neighborhood. You'll never get bored in Ankeny. hehe

    Your New Neighbor posted

  • Perfect dude, finally close and now you can drive my ass to drink on sundays.

    nathan posted

  • That house just plain rules. I'm jealous.

    Ryan posted

  • i have an enlarged thyroid gland

    kevi posted

  • always jocking on kevi's style, now you had to buy a house too. weak.

    Anonymous posted

  • I know. Sadly, houses in Des Moines are a little more expensive. I had to save more money. :(

    derek posted

  • Congrats! And don't listen to Nick, its all good in Ankeny, he is gonna have to drive out from West Des Moines now when we go out! HAHAH!

    r00 posted