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So Friday I got 2 more hours of ink on my back. My crown should be completely done in about 1 more session, hurrah! I can't wait to have a finished tattoo. When it's done I should have around 8 hours in it. And now, I can't stop thinking of new tattoo ideas. I still want a plus symbol, some form of "live life," a giant word on my stomach, and I really want something on my chest that flows well. I don't really like the big winged things/hearts that people always get. I like things more like Tommy Lee's lions. Something mirrored that flows with my boobies. Those lions are awesome - I just wish I'd thought of them... stupid rock stars.

Anyway, I've been doing the wet healing process again, which is a big pain - but it works really well on me. It's super annoying this time because basically the entire tattoo was retouched and new parts were done - so I have fresh ink that spans the entire crown. It sucks to rebandage - just ask Kari.

Saturday, I pretty much hung out around home, then Kari and I checked out Zen and had dessert and a drink at Ranallo's. It was a good time. I reviewed Zen on desmoinesalive.

Sunday I did some Christmas shopping and visited my aunt and cousin at Younkers. Anthony's a cologne salesman in Valley West right now. He's making some good money and gets to dress pretty fancy. It's awesome, haha.

Later, I met Jeff and Iulia at Dos Rios downtown. Fancy Mexican food, what? It was delicious - and half price pitchers of margaritas on Sundays... You should go check it out - but don't expect your normal cheap mexican food.

Oh, and I bought a new long necklace. eat that, kari!
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