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I feel like I've been complaining a lot lately. But I really don't think it's my fault. Crappy things are seriously happening to me. So, while I'm at it, let's talk about Grimes Automotive and how many times they've screwed me. The first few times I went in there, they were really honest, did a good job, etc.

Then, one time my car was acting weird. I went in there, he checked it out, told me the MAFS was bad. This is a $600+ part. He said that everytime he slapped the air box the car would almost die. I tried slapping it in my garage and couldn't get it to stutter once. So I asked my neighbor, he said it was spark plugs. I replaced them and the car was fixed. Instead of $600, I spent $8.

Another time I had an appointment to get my front axle fixed, the mechanic (Jon Cubit) just didn't show up all day. I called him repeatedly, no answer. He didn't even call back to apologize or reschedule.

A third time (monday) I took my car in there for a misfiring cylinder. He couldn't reproduce the problem, the car just started running fine. So I suggested new plug wires since they were old. While the car was there he broke my door handle off. Then it took him 3 days to change my spark plug wires and door handle. On top of all that he charged me for the door handle that he broke off. After finally paying the bill, I walked out to my car to find this. He ran my bumper straight into the curb. I went back inside and told him to come look at something. I said that my bumper was cracked, he's like, "where?" while he looked around acting like he didn't see anything. I'm all like, "right there!" "Oh yep, it's cracked alright. I must've hit it on the curb." He claimed he didn't hear anything crack... or shatter. He acted like he had no idea it had happened, but it was blatantly obvious. I mean, if he hadn't heard it crack, why did he back away from the curb?

That said, the last time my car is ever going to Grimes Automotive (or maybe any mechanic for that matter) is when he pays to have the bumper fixed and painted.
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  • weak

    r00 posted

  • I'm not a fan of Grimes Automotive any longer. What a joke!

    snoop posted

  • Guess I'm finding a new place. He already missed out on my brakes, anyway. I couldn't get him on the phone for two days, eventually I just had to take my car somewhere else.

    vanwinkle posted

  • is he paying for it to get fixed?

    kevi posted

  • yes, he's paying for the bumper.

    derek posted

  • just got off the phone with him. he now claims he remembers hitting the bumper and just forgot to tell me.

    derek posted

  • what a dousche.

    zach posted

  • Slap the cunt and get your money back for the door handle. I wouldn't pay up that shit for something he'd done to my wheels

    Mart posted

  • That sucks big time you can tell it happend there the paint is on the ground. This is why i tell you i trust noone doing work on my car

    Marc posted

  • loved Grimes Auto, but think they are closed now ... fixed my car great ... fiberglass ground effects are lame

    Brian posted

  • Yep, Grimes Automotive seems to be closed. The building is dark, no furniture or anything. Phone number isn't valid anymore either.

    Mike posted

  • This is not Grimes Auto Service, Inc. in Tifton, GA!!!! We don't know where this one is , but be assured its not us. We have been here 28 years and plan to be here another 28 years doing honest and professional repair work!

    Gary Grimes posted