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I hate bodykits, badly. To recap, a few months after installing my original fiberglass body kit, I backed into a truck in a dark alley. Obviously cracked the fiberglass. Then last winter I didn't see this snow covered curb and clipped my bumper on it. Last fall, my old mechanic at Grimes Automotive hit a curb and broke my front bumper. Then a couple weeks later I got hit in a parking lot, breaking my fiberglass blitz bumper some more. I ordered a new urethane bumper from areo_designs on ebay. It came in broken so I called areo_designs and complained, they barely spoke english and laughed at me when I told them the bumper was busted. So I sent them pics and they just told me to collect insurance from DHL - which I did. Later I decided, since this is basically a free bumper, maybe I can save it...

So Saturday I took the new urethane blitz bumper into my body shop. The guy is looking at it for a while and asked me if the company I bought it from was close to here. I told him I didn't know and he just said, "because if they're close, you should drive over there and throw this through their front window." Then he barely bent the little piece that busted off and it cracked in 2 places. I then took it home, dropped it on the garage floor (about 6 inches from the ground) and the entire bumper split into 2 pieces. Quality. Luckily the manufacturers stamped their logo in it so I can tell yall not to buy KBD bumper covers - especially from areo_designs.

I'm so mad at bodykits right now. They're just not made with the same quality as OEM parts. The fiberglass kits require a ton of work to get them to fit right. Even if you get a quality urethane bumper it usually starts to sag underneath the headlights and in other spots. Hence my new plan.

Convert my 95 Talon into a 97-99 eclipse. I've already done the headlight and tail light conversion. Now I just need the bumpers and sideskirts. For now I'm starting on the bumpers. I go to look at a few today. I'm pumped.

Saturday Kari and I also got our engagement pictures taken. They turned out pretty good I think. Kari ordered a giant one to hang in our house, ha. We also went out to eat at the embassy club on top of 801 grand - wow. I want to go back.
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  • Ditch the cool looks. Get those spped parts man.

    infact its a DSM youll never stop replacing parts

    Marc posted

  • No, dont ditch the cool looks.. Who cares if you have to keep replacing parts? -kidding- ;)

    Josh posted

  • You said your Urethane bumper cover busted into pieces? Are you sure you didn't mean fiberglass?

    TJ posted

  • well yeah, my fiberglass one did also. but my urethane one also busted into pieces. look at the pictures.

    derek posted

  • for reference, if the mold is black or yellow, it's usually urethane. if it's blue or white it's usually fiberglass.

    and you've got the small hint of one containing a lot of little fibers on the back and being more stiff. i'll let you guess which one that is.

    derek posted

  • WOW! That is a thin piece of material. I was going to get one, now I'm not so sure.

    TJ posted

  • yeah, the only advice i can offer is, don't get one. UNLESS you go to buy it and see it in person first. the only way i'll ever order another body part is to see it in person - or with several detailed pictures of the exact piece i'm ordering.

    derek posted

  • Yea this Areo company screwed me for 3weeks then sent wrong back bumper and laughed when i told them so, then had to send pictures to prove it! After lying aboujt the sent date, when i complained they cancelled order and i had to re-order, this item i won over a month ago and they had JUST sent out correct bumper this week.

    IronCityStreet posted

  • I have an Eclipse GT 2003- I put a blitz body kit on and had it professionally done. Came out amazing! Not one chip or any problems since I put it on. However, I kind of have the situation w/ the winter conditions as I hit black ice and it spun my car in a 360 right over a snow covered curb. It cracked in several places and I pushed an entire section of the front bumper back. Do you happen to know if by any miracle, if this can be fixed by a professional? I spent a lot of dough on having this kit put on as it had to be fitted and molded to the car. I would like to be able to keep my body kit on. Have any suggestions?

    Amy posted


    PHYL posted

  • Thats Y I buy a hoopty a car to drive in the winter and then drive my 3000gt with the fighter kit. Always get urself a crappyy car to drive in the winter and use ur nice one for days that you want to look balling.

    Emilio posted

  • dude for real i have a 2002 honda accord coupe with a kbd body kit on it my hole shit is fucked up i barly hit somthing we cant heat it back together or nothing it straight up snaped at the screw dude i say we all roll up there and burn the fucking place down

    andy 2002 honda coupe posted

  • KBD Urethane has a lifetime policy. If the vendors didnt mentioned that, that menas that their NOT our customers. They can be selling the fake products with our logo ingraved. Please visit our site www.kbdurethane.com for further details.

    Ken posted

  • I have a kbd urethane bumper on my mustang and its bada$$ and it fit great right out of the box

    jack posted