Josh's Memorial Day Bachelor Party posted

Bachelor parties with my buddies and I are a little different than what you expect from a normal bachelor party.

We don't really do the whole stripper thing, mainly because strip clubs are sort of played out. I mean, I guess people go to strip clubs on bachelor parties to remind you that there are other naked (and sluttier) bodies out there... and how you can't have those anymore. It sort of fits the bill, but whatever. Strip clubs aren't really a ton of "fun" so... we don't do that.

Instead, we basically just celebrate. We drink more than we should and run around like we own the place. You could say that we just act like college students, but richer.

So anyway, Jeff, Chuck, Nathan, and I headed up to Morgan, MN on Friday to get this thing started. There weren't really any plans aside from staying in a cabin Friday night and doing a small-town-bar-tour via school bus on Saturday night.

We pulled into town Friday around 3:30 and found out that Josh couldn't get out of work early. So we tapped the keg of leftover Amberbock and began playing bocce ball. The only problem was, once we started playing bocce ball, we realized that Josh's grass was a bit too long to see the target ball... so we mowed a course, of course.
And Nathan mowed Josh's name in the lawn.

When Josh finally got home, we were on his roof taking pictures. He was proud.

After hanging out a bit and playing more bocce ball, we went grocery shopping, had a beer at the City and Country Tavern, and headed out to the farmhouse, explored, grilled out, drank, played poker, made friends, sang songs, and rode horses bareback before crashing around 4am.

Saturday we woke up, had breakfast, slept some more, recovered, ate lunch, stocked up for the bus, and met at Front Street to start our 90 mile, 8 stop bar tour.

While at Front Street, Wingert decided we should make a "mission statement" of things we (mainly Josh) had to accomplish before the night was over. Yeah, it's dorky, but it's totally our style. The list had 15 things to start with and I'm pretty sure we tackled 13 of them. There's not really a whole lot to say about the rest of the night. It was just barhopping via bus, having a blast, and conquering things on the list. The pics tell most of the story... however I really wish I would've gotten Nathan's pics thrown in here too. That'd really complete it.

And yeah, we did tackle number 8 on that list - steal a urinal cake/mint/puck. We were all shocked when it was written down... but it was done - 3 times. We've upped the ante.

Sunday, we woke up, made omelettes in a bag, laid around til 3, then drove home.

So, that was my 4th absolutely insane memorial day in a row. Monday, we tailgated at the icubs game with some friends, made it through about 6 innings, then called it a day.

I was so glad to come back to work and rest yesterday.
Here are the rest of the pics.
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