Derek Brooks loves at least 265 things


I am at a hockey game and just saw a guy get a penalty for embellishment after getting tripped. I love this so much. Can we add it to lil baby boy soccer and basketball now?

Learned about 2 separate people that I love being diagnosed with aggressive cancers today…

I hate that shit.

I love watching dudes rise to power only to show the world that they’re really just a little bitch boys.

you know that part in that phil collins song where he says, "well I RE MEM BAH" and it sounds really cool?

i love that.

Gosh, I love nightlife. I miss running around with a crew and listening to good music and being ridic.

Anyone ever talk about TV shows? I love getting together and talking about TV shows.

Lately, I’ve been bringing my headphones to bed, closing my eyes, and just chilling and listening to music to wind down. I love it.

I don’t love football, but I love the tradition of talking shit during the Iowa vs Iowa State football game. 46-22

When you’re friendly and curious with tech support on the phone, it seems like they just wanna hang out and shoot the shit about tech forever. I love it.

I love building things that help me build other things... workshop upgrades: in progress.