November 11, 2015

I slept 7.8 hours, took 2 photos, wrote 3 microblogs, walked 3.2 miles, and weighed 179.2 pounds. I was in Ankeny.

woke up after sleeping 7.8 hours
Last night I had a nightmare that I moved to another state and BROOX wasn't available as a personalized license plate. 😰😨😱 2 comments
@Jackovin is Dan from @FiretruckerBrew drinking a beer? lol 2 comments
Hold tight, brand new shingles. You can do this. You've totally got this storm.
went to bed
fell asleep

Listened to

!!!, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Jack White, Børns, Kings of Leon, Cage the Elephant, The Strokes, Dan Auerbach, Band of Skulls, The Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys, The Dead Weather, Them Crooked Vultures, MGMT, and more...