Friday, February 16, 2018

I took 31 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 4.92 miles. I was in Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

10:23 am

Wood fired pizzas by the pool? Yes, plz

10:26 am

Pizzas with the missis

10:58 am

Walking across the resort

11:17 am

I love drinkin coconut water... I only wish this one would've come with a spoon

12:43 pm

Eatin some burgers and listening to these dudes play a bunch of classic rock.

12:55 pm

Chillin by this pool

2:08 pm

Hey Lizzy

2:19 pm

Havin a pre-wedding Sol on our balcony

3:41 pm

The Imports of Mexico

3:56 pm

Making our way to the wedding ceremony

3:57 pm

Making our way to the wedding ceremony

4:13 pm

Ace walks his parents in

4:15 pm

Ace walks Tammy in

4:15 pm

Justin and Shauna, with her smokin hot sock

4:17 pm

Leslie and Kent arrive

4:18 pm

Beach weddings are very nice

4:35 pm

Beaches + Wind

4:35 pm

Hangin on the beach with these babes

4:50 pm

Music at the cocktail hour

5:25 pm


5:26 pm

Ace and Leslie!

5:38 pm

Cancun wedding stuff

5:45 pm

Pretty stuff

5:56 pm

Making our way to the reception

6:56 pm

Partyin with Mary and Tammy

8:28 pm

Kari is having a great time

8:40 pm

Some great girls

8:44 pm

9:31 pm

Just burnin some energy

9:40 pm

The Epstein boys

9:43 pm

Theta stuff...

10:06 pm

The Epsteins