Saturday, February 19, 2005

I took 18 photos. I was in Ankeny, Iowa.

8:52 pm

Tony tying the hangman's noose

8:53 pm

Chad testing out the noose

8:55 pm

Hanging Hawkeye

9:59 pm

MH, Nehru, Kevi, Kari, and Stacy

10:00 pm

Ninja sleeping again

10:05 pm


10:06 pm

Nicole and Kari

10:07 pm

Nick trying to figure out how to tie knots

10:14 pm

Tony, Chad, and Stacy

10:14 pm

Dance Party USA!

10:18 pm

Chuck tying a knot while ninja sleeps

10:26 pm

Nicole trying to loosen Chuck's knot...
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10:27 pm

Kari decided to change into my Tae Kwon Do gear...

10:27 pm

Jared and Nehru

10:29 pm

Kevi in Ninja's Kennel

10:39 pm

Kevi, Ninja, and Cedric

10:44 pm

Kevi found Christmas stuff and set it up

11:47 pm

Kevi, Stacy, Cedric, Chuck, Nehru, and Nathan playing poker