Saturday, February 25, 2006

I took 45 photos. I was in Minnesota.

12:03 am

Josh at the Wabasso bar

12:05 am

Nathan trying a pickled egg
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12:45 am


1:35 am

One of the best "snack racks" i've seen at a bar - Tylenol, Cashews, Advil, and Peanuts

1:47 am

John and Tammy
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1:53 am

John let us hang out while they closed

1:55 am

That's how Nathan rolls

1:58 am

John figuring out the money
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2:16 am

The Redwood Falls VFW
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2:18 pm

Schuckert TV/Auto Sales, Hair Graphics, and Tropical Tan

2:31 pm

August Schell Brewery
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2:32 pm

Schell Bockfest

2:36 pm

Some vines on part of the August Schell Brewery
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2:49 pm

Antler helmets @ Bockfest

2:50 pm

Live music at Bock Fest

2:51 pm

Bock fest crowd

2:52 pm

The guy in white fur was done by 2 pm.

3:00 pm

Some awesome haircuts

3:30 pm

A bunch of guys waiting in line for the urinal trailor while 4 guys pee on the back of it.
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3:30 pm

bock fest crowd

3:56 pm

The guy we met in the gift shop who crapped in all our mouths

4:11 pm

Josh and I at bock fest
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4:28 pm

Our group @ bockfest
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4:29 pm

Amy, some dude, and Monica

4:30 pm

Amy, Monica, and some rams

4:31 pm

Our gift shop buddy

4:32 pm


4:32 pm


4:32 pm

Schell's Kegs

4:36 pm

4:39 pm


4:59 pm


5:32 pm

Monica and Josh in New Ulm

5:38 pm

Me and Nathan in New Ulm

5:52 pm

Nathan's $13 LED mug and pitcher holster

6:01 pm

Monica and Amy

6:17 pm

German dude and Nathan
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7:29 pm

Please inform bartender if you are carrying a weapon. Gun permits are not valid if you have a blood alcohol level of .04

7:50 pm

Josh dared me not to wear shoes to the bar

7:51 pm

Josh and Monica

7:58 pm

Seems like a good combination

9:37 pm

Hair parted on the side and sweet beards

10:28 pm

Monica and a buddy

11:25 pm

seriouly, still party mode

11:41 pm

Amy and I