Sunday, March 9, 2008

I took 21 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Miami, Key Largo, Islamorada, and Key West, Florida.

8:17 am

what time is it? EST?

9:25 am

my phone is not reflecting this spring time change, annoying.

10:24 am

drivin around in a jeep nitro.

10:24 am

make that dodge nitro, haha.

11:32 am

Leaving Miami for Key West with our Dodge Nitro

11:41 am

One of these palm trees is broken

12:01 pm

Driving down Highway 1

12:12 pm

rolin down highway 1 to the keys.

1:19 pm


1:34 pm

lunch at raw bar on the holiday isle.

1:48 pm

some dude just asked where we were from, we said iowa. he said, "yeah! the corn and potato city!" wtf... yeah education too

2:00 pm

Dodge Nitro

2:50 pm

They cut off the original key west bridge for this house.
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2:53 pm

Tree on the old key west bridge.

2:54 pm

Gap in the old Key West Bridge
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4:15 pm

hmmm, its not exactly 80s and sunny here. more like 60s and cloudy. stupid florida.

6:06 pm

running around duval st.

6:14 pm

Live Band at Sloppy Joe's, Key West

6:24 pm

Hennessey at Sloppy Joe's

6:34 pm

Kari and Teresa

6:35 pm

Jeff and I at Sloppy Joe's

6:43 pm

Sloppy Joe's

7:18 pm

It's a cigar.

7:25 pm

Hippie Heaven

7:34 pm

Cigars in Key West
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8:13 pm

Sushi at Origami

8:22 pm

Tuna Tataki at Origami

8:28 pm

Head Chef/Owner at Origami, Key West

8:31 pm

Our Sushi at Origami, Key West

8:33 pm

so much sushi at origami in key west
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8:37 pm

Spider Roll
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