Saturday, May 19, 2018

I checked in to 2 places, took 43 photos, wrote 1 microblog, walked 7.35 miles, and weighed 180.8 pounds. I was in Des Moines, Iowa.

8:47 am

Bout to walk with this girl

8:59 am

Checked in at Principal Park, Des Moines, Iowa

9:29 am

Hi is Kari home?

9:30 am

Kari and the Cordova triplets

9:32 am

Team kbroox

9:35 am

Hangin with the Cordova fam

9:41 am


9:49 am

Bikers love it when walks take over the trail

9:58 am

Walk MS DM

9:59 am

Walkin with these moms

10:06 am

Jared, reppin

10:06 am

Father daughter walkin

10:09 am

Red n Rik's pup pup

11:22 am

Back to our house

11:27 am

Hangin in the lawn

11:27 am

hangin around the patio and garden

11:27 am

Lawn darts

11:45 am

Little dude, hangin

11:49 am

Thome runnin the grill

12:00 pm

It's nice havin helpers for these kind of parties

12:10 pm

Terronez peeps hangin out

12:12 pm

Gettin food

12:39 pm

Our realtors, Arnie and Phyllis make an appearance!

12:48 pm

It wouldn't be a kbroox party without a bloody mary bar

12:53 pm


1:33 pm

Hangin in the back yard

1:39 pm

Loungin dude

1:39 pm


2:02 pm

Party on

2:07 pm

Talkin shit

2:48 pm

Foos time

2:57 pm

Flynn joins in with the shit talkin

2:57 pm

Knucks, bro

3:09 pm

Dance off time

3:19 pm

Time for skins

3:39 pm

Shirts off foosball

4:48 pm

Ever do boat pose on a toilet?
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6:13 pm

Nap time

7:24 pm

Tossin the softball around

7:29 pm


7:52 pm

Playin in the back yard

7:58 pm

Look at that form

8:41 pm

Back to the foosball

8:42 pm

Craig's victory dance

8:42 pm

Craig rubbing in his win

10:48 pm

Checked in at Black Sheep, Des Moines, Iowa