Saturday, May 7, 2005

I took 25 photos. I was in Ankeny, Clive, and Des Moines, Iowa.

9:14 am

Dad and the form
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9:36 am

Ninja and Chomp playing

10:18 am

Kevi and my dad filling up

10:18 am

Nehru and Dad hauling cement

10:29 am

Mike Kock dumping cement while my dad and I level off the slab

11:43 am

Hanging out after pouring cement

11:44 am

Dad and Ben Kock

11:51 am

Ninja getting wasted

11:53 am

Ninja hanging out

11:57 am

Kevi giving Kari wheelbarrow rides

2:03 pm

My super sweet slab

2:44 pm


2:45 pm


6:08 pm

Mom and I at Buca di Beppo's

7:02 pm

Me, Kari, and our parents

7:06 pm

We ate sooo much

7:10 pm

Rhonda Brooks in a chef hat

7:14 pm

Mom and dad yelling out orders

7:14 pm

Mom volunteering to help out

7:15 pm

Mom and Dad with John, the kitchen manager

7:25 pm


7:42 pm

Kari delivering food

8:16 pm


8:32 pm

What is wrong with this picture?

8:48 pm

Mom on a garbage can