June 19, 2018

I slept 2.9 hours, checked in to 4 places, took 3 photos, wrote 1 microblog, walked 4.8 miles, and weighed 181.8 pounds. I was in Des Moines.

I'd like a modern, curbside mailbox to replace the plastic shitbox that came with our house... but every one I like… t.co/tFEq8pb4ZA 7 comments
checked in at Wellmark YMCA, Des Moines, Iowa
went to bed
fell asleep
woke up after sleeping 2.9 hours
checked in at Capital Square, Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at The Republic on Grand, Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa

Listened to

Insane Clown Posse, Rico Nasty, Kanye West, Post Malone, and Kids See Ghosts