Saturday, September 14, 2019

I checked in to 4 places, took 28 photos, wrote 4 microblogs, and walked 2.55 miles. I was in Illinois and Minnesota.

10:37 am

Checked in at Road Ranger, Hampshire, Illinois

10:53 am

Minnesota bound

3:58 pm

Checked in at The Marquette Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton, Minneapolis, Minnesota

4:39 pm

Pulled into Minneapolis just in time for this wedding

4:59 pm

Checked in at Eagles Club #34, Minneapolis, Minnesota

5:22 pm

Cornell Crew

5:33 pm

Gettin Married

6:59 pm

Some Cornell girls

7:04 pm

Iowa vs Iowa State

7:11 pm

Watchin some football

8:28 pm

Watchin some football

8:28 pm

Eagles Club stuff

8:29 pm

Look at this guy

8:48 pm

Hangin at this bar

9:06 pm

We all know the rain delays and the field goals were just to make Iowa State feel good about their lead. #hawkEYEnation

9:09 pm

Tia and Kari

9:15 pm

Wedding goers

9:31 pm

@kinsteronline That play was mine blowing

9:32 pm

@kinsteronline Mind blowing too.

9:35 pm

Irritating Craig

9:42 pm

Talkin shit

9:45 pm

This woman at this wedding just told me that I looked like the dude from Deadpool. I assume she meant scarred up Ryan Reynolds and not TJ Miller.

10:08 pm

Dance time

10:31 pm

Jamie and Conor

10:33 pm

Party time

10:35 pm

Becca and her bf

10:38 pm

Some girls

10:38 pm

Gettin some good ones

10:39 pm

Tia n Craig

10:40 pm


10:40 pm

Gettin hugged

10:40 pm

Gettin hugged real good

10:40 pm

Tara and Mark

11:18 pm

This woman looked like she could've been my mom's half sister or something

11:27 pm


11:58 pm

Checked in at Pizza Lucé, Minneapolis, Minnesota