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Why are windshield wiper controls so different in every vehicle? Seriously. I somehow wound up driving a LOT this weekend, in 4 different vehicles. Between Kari's SUV, mom's new car, dad's SUV, and Jeff's truck. By the end of the weekend I was almost taking Jeff's truck out of gear just to clear some rain off the windshield.

Anyway, Kari and I visited the QC to visit some family and celebrate my birthday this weekend. It was nice to see everyone. However, this new "splitting up time" thing is really draining.

So Friday, we met my mom, Juliet, Jeff, and Nina for dinner, which was a good time.

Saturday we woke up and went to Galena with Nina and Juliet. I really don't remember Galena being so big. I imagined it more like Mount vernon or something, but there are a ridiculous amount of shops. It could have been a ton of fun however, shopping at unique shops when you're strapped for cash is the most frustrating thing ever. We found lots of things that I would've loved to have bought, but... nope. At least I left with a few pics - and a new pair of shoes for Kari of course.

After Galena we went to dad's and met Grandma and Grandpa for dinner at Brother's. Brother's is not good food, but whatever, it was nice to see the grandparents. After dinner we took dad to the hospital just to make sure he wasn't going blind, and finally we met Rich and Amanda at a boat-up bar in princeton. I liked that place.

Dad's place is looking pretty incredible, btw. It'll be nice once he finishes it so I can take some "after" pics to compare to the "before" pics... which I should upload someday.

Sunday, we stopped by Kari's parents' house for a quick visit and to pick up a vehicle. Jeff was nice enough to let me borrow his truck while I figure out wtf to do about my car situation. In exchange, I'm installing a new stereo and speakers. Maybe I'll even wire it for an ipod... who knows. Regardless, I'm excited - I haven't installed a car stereo in quite a long time.



  • welcome to Zach and I's world of divorced parents! weekends home can be extremely stressful splitting up time....i told my mom this last time home that she is just gonna have to come visit us from now on because i can't take it anymore!

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