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PB, Galena, and LeClaire

Why are windshield wiper controls so different in every vehicle? Seriously. I somehow wound up driving a LOT this weekend, in 4 different vehicles. Between Kari's SUV, mom's new car, dad's SUV, and Jeff's truck. By the end of the weekend I was almost taking Jeff's truck out of gear just to clear some rain off the windshield. Anyway, Kari and I visited the QC to visit some family and … Read more

Mother's Day and PB Houses

Mother's Day this year was pretty fun. Friday Jeff came into town then we got sushi @ Taki, went to Court Avenue, etc. Pretty routine night. Definitely good. Saturday, Teresa and Vic showed up, we cooked some homebrew, then we all went tailgating at the Iowa Cubs game. This time I didn't have a 102 degree fever! The actual ballgame was pretty fun as well. It started off good with … Read more