The box with 6" add-on

The box with 6" add-on

The box with 6" add-on (full size)


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This photo is part of the Skate Box album and was taken in Ankeny, Iowa.

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  • what did you us to keep the angle iron on and also what how big is it 1/8 or 2/4 ?

    wayne posted

  • like did you nail it or did you us caulk ?

    wayne posted

  • because i made one and im trying to find the best way to put it on

    wayne posted

  • how did you keep the angle iron on the box with caulk ??cuzz im building mine nd i need help

    rob posted

  • i drilled a small hole on each end, then used a larger drill bit as a counter sink so the screw would be flush.

    so for now there is just 2 screws holding the angle iron on... if they break, i'll probably use some liquid nails.

    derek posted

  • what kind of drill bits would you need for drilling into the metal and what kind of screws did you use to make it ?..... Thanks for your help.

    Chris posted

  • i just used some regular drill bits with titanium coating.

    derek posted

  • pretty much any drill bit should work, but i'd recommend using a drill press for the coping to keep your bit straight and prevent it from slipping.

    that coping is as solid as it could be - perfect for skating.

    the angle iron seems solid for now, but i'm a bit worried that the screws my break loose. especially if you come down hard on it with your skateboard trucks.

    i might try liquid nails on the back side of the entire piece of angle iron in addition to some stronger screws.

    derek posted

  • How did you make the riser?

    cody posted