My new Blitz bumper

My new Blitz bumper

My new Blitz bumper (full size)

This photo was taken in Le Claire, Iowa.

It's also on Flickr.

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  • what kind of headlights are the ones on your car? the stock headlights i got are starting to leak and breaking. i was looking for a upgrade. the ones you got there are pretty nice looking and i was just curious.

    Kevin posted

  • They're just black projector headlights that I found on ebay from a seller named carstuff4u.

    I advise you don't get them - they're awful. They look nice, but the light put out by them is horrible. You really can't see anything while driving on them - especially on rural roads/highways.

    derek posted

  • just get some new stock headlights.

    if they're too much to get brand new, check a junkyard or online. but the oem ones look way better than anything else.... especially with silvania silverstar bulbs in them.

    derek posted