Do I put a TV on that wall or nah?

Do I put a TV on that wall or nah?

Do I put a TV on that wall or nah? (full size)


with an Apple iPhone 6s

This photo is part of the Living Room Remodel album and was taken in Des Moines, Iowa with an Apple iPhone 6s.

It's also on Flickr and Facebook.

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  • Projector

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • Built in speakers and an LED. Spend some money on the good stuff since you watch so much tv.

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

  • Just hang a projector

    Tim Flanagan posted

  • I third projector!

    Samantha Stegman posted

  • TV

    Nick Leeper posted

  • How big is the biggest one. That one

    Rico Larson posted

  • Buy a 70in and put a fish tank dvd on repeat

    Nathan Thome posted

  • Def.

    Allie Peters posted

  • When I come visit I will want to watch all the things.

    Allie Peters posted

  • None.

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • No

    Kari Lantz posted

  • Projector

    Zachary Paul posted

  • TV or a bar. There are only two options.

    Dannie Combs posted

  • okay, there's a third option: both.

    Dannie Combs posted

  • No. If we had somewhere else to put our TV I wouldn't want it in our main living area.

    Elizabeth Nancy posted

  • Wait for a hologram projector. Derek needs a hologram projector.

    Jay Olsen posted

  • Conceal it behinds picture frame mirror/painting. Room glare will need to be taken into consideration. Plenty of options out there. Your place is looking great, btw. Just wrapping up my project...

    James Ponto posted

  • No tv dude, what an amazing space for interesting art work.

    Gary Lomheim posted

  • Big mirror.....

    Travis Webb posted

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