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  • 2737 - February suddenly took a turn for the better.
  • 2737 - The nook. Next: some kind of floating shelves. Still trying to decide on a format for those... 5 comments
  • 2737 - Stocked and ready to play! We just need more vinyl. 4 comments
  • 2737 - A couple hoodlums walkin our back fence line
  • 2737 - The preamp, Sonos connect, and the hub for my security cameras all hide behind a removable toe kick.
  • 2737 - Sides and top installed! The top is removable, everything else is nailed and glued

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Our Master Bathroom Remodel

So, after having every single room in our house anywhere from 25-95% done for several months, I finally decided to buck up and finish a room... The master bathroom/closet... and I'm gonna tell you all about it. Our goals were pretty simple. Make it bigger, more modern, more accommodating, and more "spa like" - a phrase thrown around wayyyyy too often during the entire process... read more

Brooks' Dead End Ranch

After 6+ years of wanting to move out of the suburban house that I bought when I was 24 years old, Kari and I finally found a new home to move into. We must've looked at/walked through 100 potential houses or lots (no exaggeration) over the years, but our picky asses could never find one we liked. Our top 3 priorities were pretty simple: a ranch home, within 5 miles of downtown, and garage space for 3+ cars and a workshop. Our other top priorities were: an open floor plan for entertaining, walk out basement, back yard privacy, an office near main living areas, 3 bedrooms, full master bath, full guest bath, a powder room, and to be near bike trails. Our "nice-to-haves" were: something unique and awesome with garage/shed space in the back yard for hanging out, yard space and windows on the south side for gardens, hops, and herbs, a back yard/porch on the north east side for shady afternoons, and a front yard on south west side to melt the driveway in the winter... read more
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