My euro plates made it home

My euro plates made it home

My euro plates made it home (full size)


with an Apple iPhone 6s

This photo is part of the BMW Performance Center Redelivery album and was taken in Spartanburg County, South Carolina with an Apple iPhone 6s.

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  • What happened to zie top one?

    Peter Cole posted

  • So... basically, when you drop your car off to ship to the US, it has to be clean. I hit up the recommended car wash near the shipping station... It was one of those track/conveyor style ones. Well, since the front plate was only stuck on with double sided tape (that was coming a bit loose), the car wash pulled the plate right off. Once my car came out of the wash I was like, "uhhhh, i think your car wash maybe stole my front license plate." After about 10 minutes of waiting, one of the workers came out with it looking like that. It apparently got mangled in the track system or something, haha. Not a scratch on the car so I just stuck it inside and got it back like so.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Natural patina from the motherland!

    Peter Cole posted

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