Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I checked in to 7 places, took 43 photos, and wrote 6 microblogs. I was in South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Indiana.

5:42 am

Just slept like a kid on Christmas Eve... Today is gonna be long. Today is also gonna be awesome.
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6:29 am

Also, last night I dreamt that my car's unit tests were failing.
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6:58 am

Checked in at BMW Performance Center, Greer, South Carolina

7:26 am

Bout to do some drivin in this sakhir orange M4

7:56 am

Track day

8:05 am

Not a bad way to spend a morning

8:37 am

Drivin on the skid pad

8:38 am

My ride for the day

8:41 am

Cruisin around the skid pad

8:46 am

Just did my first vehicular 360s. 🙌🙌🙌

8:56 am

Bout to ride around the track in these M5s

9:00 am

Slidin around in some M5s

9:21 am

Checked in at BMW Car Club of America Foundation, Greer, South Carolina

9:29 am

Lookin at cars at the BMWCCA Foundation
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9:31 am

Some crazy wire sculpture that some BMW workers built in their spare time

9:34 am

Custom Z4 Carbon Coupe and a Z3 M Coupe

9:40 am

Ray Korman / WIlly Lewis M3 replica pace car

9:48 am

Wrote my name on this board

10:11 am

Off roadin in the X5s

10:15 am

Bout to go over that little bump on that little hill

10:16 am

That passenger side rear tire is about 3 feet off the ground right now

10:24 am

Climbin some hills

10:28 am

Checked in at BMW Performance Center, Greer, South Carolina

10:44 am

Southern food meets German food at the BMW Performance Center.

11:34 am

My euro plates made it home

11:41 am

Ready to be back in those seats
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11:50 am

Got it back
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11:51 am

Pullin out of the BMW Performance Center

1:17 pm

Smokey Mountain Curves

1:45 pm

The great smoky mountain expressway.

1:48 pm

Appalachian weather changes

1:53 pm

Steamy roads

2:17 pm

Pulled over for a quick break in North Carolina

2:17 pm

Looking out over what I believe is Fontana Lake

2:23 pm

Fontana Lake

2:32 pm

Checked in at Pit Stop, Fontana Dam, North Carolina

2:37 pm

Rock Face on the way to the Tail of the Dragon

3:08 pm

The Dragon?

3:11 pm

Tail of the Dragon

3:12 pm

Tail of the Dragon

3:18 pm

Drivin the Tail of the Dragon - Photo by Killboy.com

3:18 pm

Drivin the Tail of the Dragon - Photo by Killboy.com

3:19 pm

Curves on curves

3:22 pm

Cruisin around Tail of the Dragon - Photo by 129slayer.com

3:27 pm

Rounding corners on the Tail of the Dragon - Photo by 129photos.com

3:30 pm

Major switchbacks
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3:35 pm

Looking out over Calderwood Lake along the Tail of the Dragon

3:35 pm

The dam at Calderwood Lake

3:39 pm

A beautiful drive

5:35 pm

Checked in at BP, Williamsburg, Kentucky

6:13 pm

Got her!

6:17 pm

7:41 pm

Kentucky cruisin

8:23 pm

Checked in at Love's Travel Stop, Memphis, Indiana

10:11 pm

Checked in at Wingate by Wyndham Indianapolis Airport, Indianapolis, Indiana

10:25 pm

Drove through both Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and halfway through Indiana today... There's some beautiful country out there